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We are unable to list your tickets to this event for one of the following reasons.
1. It may be too late to list these tickets. For most events, sellers cannot list past a certain point to allow time for delivery.
2. Some events may be restricted.
Please contact StubHub Customer Service if you have any questions.
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Selling your extra tickets on StubHub is easy, safe and convenient. Simply list your tickets, deliver them to the buyer and get paid after the event. It's that easy.
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You set the price and can change it at any time.

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We guarantee payment after the event for the tickets you sell and deliver as listed. PayPal transaction fees are waived.

StubHub has partnerships with several of the UK's top sport clubs. Not only will you enjoy longer listing times, you'll never have to print or send a ticket by UPS.

How do I list my tickets?

Simply find your event, enter your ticket details and price your tickets. You can change your price at any time before they sell. Learn more

How do I deliver my tickets to the buyer?

You have three delivery options: electronic delivery, delivery by UPS or dropping off the tickets with one of our Last Minute Service Centres. Learn more

When do I get paid?

You'll get paid after the event, once you've sold and delivered a ticket as listed. You'll be paid through PayPal, and PayPal transaction fees are waived on StubHub. Before selling tickets, make sure you have a PayPal account that you've linked to your StubHub account.

How to withdraw funds from your PayPal account. Learn more

How to verify your PayPal account. Learn more

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We've partnered up with UPS to offer you a convenient way to send your tickets to buyers. Just choose from the two options below to go straight to the UPS website.

Drop off the tickets at your nearest UPS location.

Find UPS locations

Get UPS to collect the tickets from you.

Schedule UPS collection

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